Screamride (Unofficial Theme Song)

Screamride Album Art

Last week I found myself explaining the video game Screamride to a family member (I’m sure it was relevant to the conversation somehow).  In the hours following, I became nearly obsessed with the game.  I needed to see the announcement trailer again.  I needed to know the release date.

Why was I suddenly so interested in this game?  I just think it sounds like a bunch of fun.  But I didn’t realize how fun it sounded until I described it out loud to another person.

I tweeted the producer of the game and asked if they were interested in having a silly song about their game included in their game.  He let me know that they have all of the music that they need.  I went ahead and wrote the song anyway.

Screamride comes out March 2015 for Xbox One and Xbox 360

My song is available for streaming and download now.



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