November 2014 (Money In Memoriam)

November 2014 (Money In Memoriam)

Every November sees some pretty big video game releases on both consoles and PCs.  But this year is a spectacle to behold.  At the time of this writing, lists over 30 games on a mix of platforms set for release in the month of November.

This is what we like to colloquially refer to as “a stupid amount of games”.  It seems that there was actually no planning or accounting for other big releases by publishers.  In fact, the problem is actually worse than it seems because there are “Indie” publishers that release digital download exclusively and Amazon’s list is pretty much only retail “box copies”.  This extreme amount of games coming out in such a short time inspired this song.  We did our best not to offend anyone, but I’m sure someone is going to get clipped with all of the references we throw out there.

Try to have fun with it, and let us know if we missed a game.  It’s not going to get edited into the song, but at least we’ll know we were wrong.  🙂

R.I.P. Money.  #Brokevember

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