This Land is Wild (Ghost Recon: Wildlands) Rap lyrics

When y’all see me you better run
I’m com com coming at the rise of the sun
I’m run run running toward the sound of the gun
Don’t make me count down 3-2-1

We’ll take you to school
One final lesson
45 caliber leaves a lasting impression
We put a stop to you and your competitors
You’re high on the food chain
But we’re apex predators
You messed up when you kidnapped our boy from the DEA
And it’ll cost you more than money, but you’re gonna pay
I see you got a thing for the grim reaper
Why don’t you let me introduce you, when you find her you can keep her
You live and you die by the AK-47
But you think when you die you’re going straight up to heaven
But El Sueno, you’re going to another place
When my crosshairs align to the tattooed cross on your face
You know your faith’s a disgrace
To the whole human race
We’re gonna wipe you out without a trace

(This land is wild)
Are they true the rumors that they say
You’ll find out today
(This land is wild)
What’s the cure for all this traffickin’
And body stackinin
(This land is wild)
You know that it’s the ugly truth
The desperation of the youth
(This land is wild)
(This land is wild)

We move quick and quiet, no detection
Your meeting place exposed by our Peruvian connection
No question you’ve got firepower but no tech
Our drones flyin’ silent leave your whole place wrecked
We persist, though officially we don’t exist
We’ll have you lying in the dirt in a cloud of pink mist
You’re like a cyst, we’re numbing you as we strike surgically
You’ll feel me though when glass jaw meets closed fist
Once we start we don’t stop, so you can send all of your men
Our way, yeah even those dirty cops
We never submit, we never go soft
Check the body count ’cause I’m about to go off

You know that I came from the wild
I’m that South American child
You know I’ll blow you up with the style
You know I’ll blow you up with the style
I’m that one that gets you boys all riled
I’m that one that gets you boys all riled
I’m sitting back and watching bodies pile
I’m sitting back and watching bodies pile

Out here we are the judge and the jury
We execute justice with the fist and the fury
And in a hurry we coming
And there’s no use in running
You’re fumbling, as we’re rushing you feel the ground rumbling
No escape, it’s time to eradicate
Fate is coming quickly and for you it’s too late
Your decisions kicking up dust and we’re here to sweep up
This is no division that’ll give up, in that you can trust
In these wild lands we more than just survivin’
If we’ve takin’ too much fire we are revivin’
Stackin’ up experience, level up, we thrivin’
Load up in the 4×4, and we are drivin’
Up to the top of the hill
We comin’ louder than thunder
Shootin’ to kill the kings of white powder
Santa Blanca, you’ve been fantastic hosts
But we’re the party crashers you feared most
Call us the Ghosts

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