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Chocobo Warrior, a rap song

Chocobo Warrior album art

Chocobo are the large bird-creatures from the Final Fantasy game series. They are usually harmless and in many FF games can be tamed and ridden.

Over 12 years ago, I had this idea for a song about a Chocobo Warrior. The hero of this song presented himself as independent and confident in the rap music style. The song idea always amused myself and only a couple of friends and family members until I finished it this year.

I created the “Chocobo sound” from a synthesizer in Ableton Live. I modeled the sound after a Chocobo sample, but rather than simply sampling the sound and throwing it into the song, I wanted to have the flexibility to extend the Chocobo’s call and make human like inflection. So, I really needed to create the bird call from scratch, but once I did, I was able to have a bit of fun “playing” the Chocobo sound on a keyboard. 🙂

Since it has journeyed from more than 12 years in the past, I hope this song finds you well, particularly if you are a fan of Final Fantasy, or Chocobo in general.

Yes.Mustache Launches Official Youtube Channel

YesMustache Website Header

We are proud to launch our own YouTube channel, featuring our video game inspired music.

Originally, we were piggybacking on the Fizmarble channel, and that caused for some confusion, so now we are on our own channel without the mixture of content that was on Fizmarble.

So if you want regular updates to the Yes.Mustache-flavored, Video Game inspired music that we do.  Hit the link and then hit the “Subscribe” button.  Thanks for your support.