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Xbox Rare Achievement Remix Song

I went ahead and did what nobody had asked for. I remixed the new Xbox Rare Achievement sound effect into a song. When I first heard the sound effect, I thought it had a cool musical vibe tucked inside. I decided to attempt to sample and chop and manipulate the original 11 second clip into a new song. I created every instrument using bits sampled from the original rare achievement sound effect.

It took me around 7 hours to complete it. I still don’t know how to feel about that.

Rocket League (Rocket Man Parody)

A parody of Elton John’s Rocket Man, but instead of some space man it’s about the video game Rocket League.
My download finished last night, alright!
Day 1, nine p.m.
And I’m gonna have a ha-a-a-a-at
Trick by then
I miss my kids so much
I miss my wife
But I’ve gotta play one more game
And customi-i-i-ize my ride
And we’ve all been waitin’ a real long, long time
For the game to touch down on the Xbox One
And now we know the fun they had all along
On other platforms…
Playing Rocket League
Rocket League
Burnin’ up my boost
Trying to hit the ball
This ain’t the kind of game
To show your kids
You might never get your controller back
And it’s probly gonna have that Cheeto grease
If you did
And all this hype
I finally understand
I quit my job
I stay at home
Playing Rocket League
Rocket League
But now I’m scoring goals with back flips
And searching Reddit for some gameplay tips
A perfect pass and then a clean assist
Ah, oh oh oh
Rocket League
Rocket League
Cruisin’ in my jet-powered Battle Car
(when are you going to find a job)
Well I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
(Dad, are you hungry?)
Well I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time
(Are you coming to bed)
And I think it’s gonna be a long, long, time

Chocobo Warrior, a rap song

Chocobo Warrior album art

Chocobo are the large bird-creatures from the Final Fantasy game series. They are usually harmless and in many FF games can be tamed and ridden.

Over 12 years ago, I had this idea for a song about a Chocobo Warrior. The hero of this song presented himself as independent and confident in the rap music style. The song idea always amused myself and only a couple of friends and family members until I finished it this year.

I created the “Chocobo sound” from a synthesizer in Ableton Live. I modeled the sound after a Chocobo sample, but rather than simply sampling the sound and throwing it into the song, I wanted to have the flexibility to extend the Chocobo’s call and make human like inflection. So, I really needed to create the bird call from scratch, but once I did, I was able to have a bit of fun “playing” the Chocobo sound on a keyboard. 🙂

Since it has journeyed from more than 12 years in the past, I hope this song finds you well, particularly if you are a fan of Final Fantasy, or Chocobo in general.

Screamride (Unofficial Theme Song)

Screamride Album Art

Last week I found myself explaining the video game Screamride to a family member (I’m sure it was relevant to the conversation somehow).  In the hours following, I became nearly obsessed with the game.  I needed to see the announcement trailer again.  I needed to know the release date.

Why was I suddenly so interested in this game?  I just think it sounds like a bunch of fun.  But I didn’t realize how fun it sounded until I described it out loud to another person.

I tweeted the producer of the game and asked if they were interested in having a silly song about their game included in their game.  He let me know that they have all of the music that they need.  I went ahead and wrote the song anyway.

Screamride comes out March 2015 for Xbox One and Xbox 360

My song is available for streaming and download now.



Don’t Play Chicken With A Goomba

Don't Play Chicken album art

On the off chance that some of you prefer to run head-long into enemies and hazards, Don’t Play Chicken With A Goomba is a warning that you should heed.

Certain enemy types are not dangerous to bump into.  In Call of Duty, for example, it’s perfectly appropriate to run directly chest-to-chest into an enemy combatant.  At this point there is usually a frantic scrambling by both parties to execute a melee attack, but the collision itself poses no direct threat.

Other enemies inflict damage up to and including fatal amounts.  These collisions are to be avoided.  So I present this warning, with moving pictures.

Download on iTunes:

Put My Game Disc Away

Put My Game Disc Away album art

This song is inspired by real life events.  Events where game discs were left out of their cases even though the cases were in close proximity.  Events in which games were put away in the wrong case and gone missing for weeks, months, or forever.

If you have friends or family that struggle with the concept of putting your game discs away and storing them properly, show them this.  You are not alone.

Don’t Threaten to Kill Gabe Newell

Don't Threaten to Kill Gabe Newell

There was an unfortunate bit of news yesterday, in which a video game developer became upset over the way his game was released on Steam.

The developer in his anger made some death threats to Gabe Newell, who is CEO of Valve and the big boss behind the Steam video game distribution platform.

This is a PSA to all future game developers.  Don’t Threaten to Kill Gabe Newell (or anybody, really).

You can get the full song, “Don’t Threaten to Kill Gabe Newell” on iTunes.

Yes.Mustache Launches Official Youtube Channel

YesMustache Website Header

We are proud to launch our own YouTube channel, featuring our video game inspired music.

Originally, we were piggybacking on the Fizmarble channel, and that caused for some confusion, so now we are on our own channel without the mixture of content that was on Fizmarble.

So if you want regular updates to the Yes.Mustache-flavored, Video Game inspired music that we do.  Hit the link and then hit the “Subscribe” button.  Thanks for your support.

November 2014 (Money In Memoriam)

November 2014 (Money In Memoriam)

Every November sees some pretty big video game releases on both consoles and PCs.  But this year is a spectacle to behold.  At the time of this writing, lists over 30 games on a mix of platforms set for release in the month of November.

This is what we like to colloquially refer to as “a stupid amount of games”.  It seems that there was actually no planning or accounting for other big releases by publishers.  In fact, the problem is actually worse than it seems because there are “Indie” publishers that release digital download exclusively and Amazon’s list is pretty much only retail “box copies”.  This extreme amount of games coming out in such a short time inspired this song.  We did our best not to offend anyone, but I’m sure someone is going to get clipped with all of the references we throw out there.

Try to have fun with it, and let us know if we missed a game.  It’s not going to get edited into the song, but at least we’ll know we were wrong.  🙂

R.I.P. Money.  #Brokevember